Genetically Modified Organizations? Twinning as Case of Transnational Interaction

  • Lucie Königová


The essay takes a look at twinning, a phenomenon left largely unexplored by European studies and international relations scholars. The author deals with twinning through the institutional prism, focusing on institutional change as a result of non-instrumental change of institutional actors' preferences. Twinning is a secondment of experts from EU member states administratives to the candidate countries. Its aim is to help the applicant countries with institution building for successful and effective implementation of the acquis communautaire. The author seeks to identify processes and mechanisms of institutional changes in the public administration of a given candidate country within the context of twinning projects, aiming to formulate framework conditions for unconditioned institutional change and test these hypotheses on the data collected during research. The essay focuses on institutional change caused by a change of administrative identity through deliberation (of alternatives), argumentative persuasion and social learning as alternatives to instrumental change mechanisms.

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Lucie Königová



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