The Czech Republic on the UN Security Council. Genocide of Rwanda, 1994

  • Karel Kovanda
Keywords: Czech Republic, genocide, human rights, Rwanda, UN Security Council


In 1994, the Czech Republic sat for her first year on the UN Security Council, as a non-permanent member. Straightaway, in January of that year, the Czech Ambassador - the author of this paper - served as the Council´s President. From that point on, the problems - and a few months later, the genocide - of Rwanda become a preoccupation of the UNSC for the entire year. Throughout this time, the Czech delegation did its best to mobilize the UNSC against the unfolding genocide. It was indeed the first delegation to use that term, very deliberately, in any UN public, formal forum. In following, often blow by blow, the twists and turns of the UNSC´s deliberations, the author draws on official documents but also on almost daily reports his delegation was sending to Prague, and on his personal recollections. These sources have never been used before.

Author Biography

Karel Kovanda




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