Czechoslovakian-Egyptian Relations in the Years 1945–1948

  • Veronika Vavrečková
Keywords: Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Great Britain, Israel, embassy, trade, 1945–1948


The study is focused on the relations between Czechoslovakia and Egypt in the years 1945–1948. The first part outlines the relations at the time of World War II because even in this period they were not interrupted. The study also describes the internal and foreign policy of Czechoslovakia and Egypt for the sake of gaining a better understanding of their interrelationships. The greatest amount of attention, however, is paid to the two countries’ business relations, their embassies and Czechoslovaks who lived and worked in Egypt. The study describes the transformation of the relations in connection with how the international situation was altered in the examined period. The research is based primarily on a processing of archival materials and their subsequent analysis.

Author Biography

Veronika Vavrečková

Born in 1988, she completed her master's degree in 2012 at the Faculty of Education, University of Hradec Kralove in the field of High School Pedagogy, History and Basics of Social Sciences. She is currently in her third year of doctoral studies in the field of Czech and Czechoslovak History at the same university. The subject of her current research is Czechoslovak-Egyptian relations after World War II. Since 2012, she teaches at the F. M. Pelcl Gymnasium in Rychnov nad Kneznou, and since 2014, she also teaches at Mosaika Elementary School in the same city.