European Political Parties and the Project of European Constitution. Comparison of Attitudes of the European People's Party and the Party of European Socialists and Their Effect on the Process of Preparation of the Project of European Constitution

  • Petr Fiala
  • Petr Kaniok
  • Markéta Pitrová
Keywords: European constitution, European peoples party, Party of European Socialists, European convention, institutional reform


The article focuses on the research of the role of European political parties during the process of preparation of European constitution by the Convention on the future of Europe. Its objective is to verify two hypotheses. The first one assumes that European political parties (for capacity reasons the article mentions two strongest ones - the European people's party and the Party of European Socialists), with regard to the convention procedure had a strong opportunity to influence the draft establishing the European constitution. Final draft of the Constitution, therefore, meets their expectations. The second hypothesis supposes that, with regard to the character of European party system, ideas of both parties, concerning future development of the European Union, will not be different but quite the contrary. The analysis is based on five levels. First, basic ideas of both parties related to the institutional reform and their opinions on the Treaty of Nice are described. Summing up both parties' positions towards convention procedure is the second step. Then, the article turns its attention to the analysis of the parties' activities during the European Convention. Fourth, a part of the article is dedicated to the parties' evaluation of the constitution draft. Final part shows the comparison of the parties' positions towards IGC that should have approved European constitution.

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