The World Order at a Crossroads. The American Debate

  • Pavel Barša


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Author Biography

Pavel Barša

Born in 1960, he studied at universities in Brno and Budapest. He currently lectures at the Philosophical Faculty at Charles University and Anglo-American University, and is a research fellow of the Institute of International Relations. His academic specialty is political theory and theories of international relations. In these branches he has published the following books: Strength and Wisdom. The Dispute between Realism and Idealism in Modern Political Thought (Prague: Filosofia, 2007); Anarchy and Order in World Politics: Chapters from the Theory of International Relations, co-authored by Ondřej Císař (Praha: Portál, 2008); The Orientalist’s Rebellion (and Other Texts from the Years 2003 to 2011) (Prague: Dokořán, 2011) and The Paths to Emancipation (Prague: Academia, 2015, in circulation).

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