About Maps, Power and Marginalisation. The Significance of International Political Sociology in the Czech Research on Foreign and Security Policy

  • Jan Daniel
  • Dagmar Rychnovská

Author Biographies

Jan Daniel

Born in 1987, he is a researcher at the Institute of International Relations and a PhD candidate at the Department of International Relations of the Institute of Political Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague. He completed a master's degree in International Relations at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Security Studies, also at Masaryk University. Academically he focuses on armed non-state actors, hybrid security regimes, the Middle East, international political sociology and critical theory of security. During his studies, he completed internships and study abroad programmes in Berlin, Beirut and Bologna.

Dagmar Rychnovská

Born in 1987, she is a PhD candidate in International Relations at the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University in Prague. She completed graduate programs in Comparative and International Studies (ETH Zurich) and Law and Politics of International Security (VU University Amsterdam). In her research she focuses on innovations in the safety regulation of science that are associated with the regime of prohibition of biological weapons. Other areas of her research interest include critical security studies and security and technology.