European Integration as the Main Topic of the Czech Discipline of International Relations

  • Mats Braun
  • Jan Karlas
Keywords: European integration, European Union, International Relations, Czech Republic, theories of international relations


In this article, we reflect on the research on European integration in the context of the Czech discipline of International Relations (IR). We pay attention to those academic institutions that concentrate on IR and, simultaneously, on European integration. We reach three main findings in the article: 1) a number of Czech institutions and scholars that studied the international dimension of the European integration were also concerned with the domestic level of integration; 2) in the Czech environment the IR discipline is marked by a distinct cleavage between the theoretically and methodologically informed parts of the research on European integration and its descriptively based part; 3) besides International Security, the topic of European integration dominated the Czech IR discipline.

Author Biographies

Mats Braun

Born in 1976, he works at Metropolitan University Prague and Dalarna University in Sweden. He is a member of the Executive Board of the CEEISA (Central and East European International Studies Association). In the years 2005-2014 he worked as a researcher at the Institute of International Relations in Prague. He has published articles on the topic of European integration in academic publications such as the Journal of Common Market Studies and Cooperation and Conflict. He is also the author of the book Europeanization of Environmental Policy in the New Europe: Beyond Conditionality (Ashgate 2014).

Jan Karlas

Born in 1978, he is the head of the Department of International Relations and a guarantor of the International Relations / Master in International Relations (MAIN) programme at the Institute of Political Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSV UK) in Prague. He studied International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and International Relations and European Studies at Central European University in Budapest. In 2003-2009 he worked as a researcher at the Institute of International Relations in Prague. He deals with global governance and European integration in his research.

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