Niall Ferguson: Civilizace: Západ a zbytek světa

  • Jan Werner


Niall Ferguson: Civilizace: Západ a zbytek světa. Přeložil Emanuel Geissler. 1. vydání. Praha: Argo a Dokořán, 2014, 347 stran, ISBN 978-80-257-1114-9 (Argo), 978-80-7363-606-7 (Dokořán) (signatura knihovny ÚMV 60 599).

Author Biography

Jan Werner
born in 1987, he graduated from the bachelor’s level inter-faculty study programme in Political Science and Philosophy (2013) of the Faculty of Social Studies and the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University. Then at the same university, he earned master’s degrees in Political Science (2014) and Philosophy (2015). In his master’s theses he dealt with the question of the legitimacy of the polis, citizenship and justice in ancient political philosophy (the diploma thesis for Political Science), and with criticism of religion in the work of the American neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris (the diploma thesis for Philosophy). Now he is an internal Ph.D. student at the Department of Political Science of FSS MU and the Department of Philosophy of FF MU. He deals primarily with political philosophy with special regard for antiquity, and also with the issue of political and social tolerance. At the Department of Philosophy, he focuses mainly on the philosophical reflection of modern and contemporary atheism and agnosticism, as well as on mapping of the philosophical criticism of religion from antiquity to the present.
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