Karin Aggestam and Ann E. Towns: Gendering diplomacy and international negotiations.

1st edition. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, 301 pages, ISBN 978-3-319-58681-6 (IIR library code 62 400).

  • Jarka Devine Mildorf


This path-breaking book addresses the oft-avoided, yet critical question: where are the women located in contemporary diplomacy and international negotiation? The text presents a novel research agenda, including new theoretical and conceptual perspectives on gender, power and diplomacy. The volume brings together a wide range of established International Relations scholars from different parts of the world to write original contributions, which analyse where the women are positioned in diplomacy and international negotiation. The contributions are rich and global in scope with cases ranging from Brazil, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Sweden to the UN, Russia, Norway and the European Union.

This book fills an important gap in research and will be of much interest to students and scholars of gender, diplomacy and International Relations. The volume also reaches out to a broader community of practitioners with an interest in the practice of diplomacy and international negotiation.

Author Biography

Jarka Devine Mildorf

studied Public and Social Policy and Gender Studies at Charles University in Prague. She worked as Political Officer for the Irish and British diplomatic services. She has also worked as a gender consultant with a focus on gender equality in the labour market and family friendly policies. Currently, she leads an international research on spouses and family members of diplomats in Europe.

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