Anthony Burke and Rita Parker: Global Insecurities: Futures of Global Chaos and Governance.

London: The Palgrave Macmillan, 2017, 379 pages, ISBN 978-1-349-95144-4.

  • Michaela Zemanová University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic


This innovative volume gathers some of the world’s best scholars to analyse the world’s collective international efforts to address globalised threats through global security governance. Addressing global and planetary forms of insecurity that include nuclear weapons, conventional arms, gender violence, climate change, disease, bio weapons, cyber-conflict, children in conflict, crimes against humanity, and refugees, this timely book critiques how they are addressed by global institutions and regimes, and advocates important conceptual, institutional, and policy reforms. This is an invaluable resource for students, scholars and policymakers in international health, security and development. 

Author Biography

Michaela Zemanová, University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic

Michaela Zemanová is a graduate of the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics in Prague and currently a student of doctoral studies in the field of International Political Relations at the Jan Masaryk Centre for International Studies. Her research is focussed on globalisation, identity and culture in international relations.

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