Dambisa Moyo: Edge of Chaos: Why Democracy Is Failing to Deliver Economic Growth—and How to Fix It.

New York: Basic Books, 2018, 296 pages, ISBN 978-0-465-09746-3.

  • José de Arimatéia da Cruz Georgia Southern University and U.S. Army War College, USA


Around the world, people who are angry at stagnant wages and growing inequality have rebelled against established governments and turned to political extremes. Liberal democracy, history's greatest engine of growth, now struggles to overcome unprecedented economic headwinds--from aging populations to scarce resources to unsustainable debt burdens. Hobbled by short-term thinking and ideological dogma, democracies risk falling prey to nationalism and protectionism that will deliver declining living standards. In Edge of Chaos, Dambisa Moyo shows why economic growth is essential to global stability, and why liberal democracies are failing to produce it today. Rather than turning away from democracy, she argues, we must fundamentally reform it. Edge of Chaos presents a radical blueprint for change in order to galvanize growth and ensure the survival of democracy in the twenty-first century.

Author Biography

José de Arimatéia da Cruz, Georgia Southern University and U.S. Army War College, USA

Dr. Jose de Arimateia da Cruz is a Professor of International Relations and Comparative Politics at Georgia Southern University, Savannah, Georgia, and an Adjunct Research Professor at the US Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Dr. da Cruz holds a PhD in Political Science (Comparative Politics and International Relations) from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

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