Islamism as the Voice of Opposition in the Arab World and the Post-Soviet Republics of Central Asia

  • Ondřej Ditrych
Keywords: Islamism, Arab world, Central Asia, democratisation, liberalisation, social mobilisation, international security


This article aims to explore the phenomenon of Islamism as the voice of opposition against authoritative and oppressive governments in the Arab world and post-Soviet republics of Central Asia. It also points out the risks to international security of neglect of this problem by Western countries - which seek to achieve stability in these geopolitically important regions - and from the reluctance of local governments to agree to open a dialogue with moderate Islamic oppositions. Attention is paid to the characteristics of governance and economic and social problems in both regions, as well as to the Islamic movements and how they are approached by the regimes. It is stressed that the Islamic movements are diverse and seek different political objectives. In conclusion, the article argues that long-term security in both regions will only be ensured by a gradual, yet enforced resolutely from outside, internal liberalisation of the political system, which would take into consideration the features of local societies.

Author Biography

Ondřej Ditrych