Steven Blockmans and Sophia Russack (eds.): Representative Democracy in the EU: Recovering Legitimacy.

1st edition, London: Rowman & Littlefield International/Brussels: Centre for European Policy Studies, 2019, 375 pages, ISBN 978-1-78661-339-4

  • Vanessa Horler Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic,


Representative democracy is beset by a crisis of legitimacy across the world, but in Europe this crisis is compounded by the inadequacy of national governments to address citizens’ frustrations and to achieve transnational unity on common issues. How representative are national parliaments in their decision-making on EU matters? This volume investigates the relationship between the democratic institutions of the member states and those of the EU. With a focus on polity rather than policy, it looks at voting and decision-shaping mechanisms in selected member states, in particular the ‘Europeanisation’ of representative democracy at national level. It also assesses the state of parliamentary democracy at the EU level. Expert analysts share their insights into the changing nature of our political eco-systems and the (dis)connections within and between them.

Author Biography

Vanessa Horler, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic,

Vanessa Horler is an MA student of Historical Sociology at Charles University in Prague. Her research interests include European identity, the development of Central Europe in its wider geopolitical context, and global social change.

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