Human security - conceptualizaton and strategies: comparison of approaches of various EU/HSN member states

  • Šárka Waisová
Keywords: Human security, Human Security Network, European Union, Austria, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovenia


In the last 10 years "human security" has become something of a buzzword, used by United Nations agencies, national development agencies, national and international NGOs and, last but not least, international relations scholars. Besides the UN, other international forums have discussed the incorporation of human security issues into foreign and development policy - primarily the Human Security Network (HSN) and the European Union. The main goal of this text is to analyse and compare both contemporary understandings of human security in EU/HSN member states, and those states' the human security strategies, instruments and approaches. I argue that EU/HSN countries base their human security concepts on strong developmental and humanitarian themes, and that all of them have accepted the interdependence of development and security. However, the human security paradigm is not simply embedded in EU/HSN states' policies; these states have accepted and used human security only as far as their national security strategies and EU membership makes possible

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Šárka Waisová




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