Austrians: Closed job market as a "psychological protection"

  • Lukáš Novotný
Keywords: Czech-Austrian relations, borderlands, cultural relations, cross-border cooperation


Studies undertaken in 2001 and 2004 by the Austrian Society for European politics produced the first analyses of the opinions of inhabitants of the Austrian borderlands neighbouring the Czech Republic. In creating a cross-border network, we must bear in mind certain factors. The Austrians' opinions shifted in the three years between the studies - some contentious issues are now not so important (for example, Temelín). Although support for the Czech entry into the EU was below 50 percent in both of the Austrian provinces bordering the Czech Republic (Upper and Lower Austria), the support for Slovenia's and Hungary's accessions was much higher. Austrians also feared a rise in crime resulting from the Czech accession. The opening up of the labour market is also a very important issue. When asked, Austrian mayors have called the transition period a 'psychological defence' for Czech employees.

Author Biography

Lukáš Novotný