The Federal Model and Europe's Reality: A Crisis of Legitimacy and its Overcoming

  • Vojtěch Belling
Keywords: European Union, federalism, legitimacy, consociative federation, subsidiarity


This analysis focuses on the role of the federal Europe model in the present stage of the European integration. The European Union' appropriate constitutional form primarly depends on a political decision. Such a decision must be based on democratic legitimacy conferred by political nations of the member states, and not on a delusionary conception of the European demos. If the politicians decide to continue European integration, a federal structure for European decision making must be established, with its typical features: subsidiarity and a clear division of competences. Contrary to the traditional federative models, both German and American, the European federal model cannot be based on the concept of a federal nation. The individual political nations will remain the source of its sovereignity. As a result we can talk of federal elements without a federation, or of a consociative federation without a federal state concept.

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Vojtěch Belling



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