Strategies of Fighting Terror

  • Jan Eichler
Keywords: Global terrorism, indirect strategy, security threat, war on terror, neorealism, neoconservativism, democratic realism, institutional neoliberalism


The article is part of a wider discussion on and the assessment of the global terrorism threat since 2001. Terrorism considered the most dangerous and urgent security threat of today. The text focuses on the three major terrorist attacks in recent history: USA (2001), Madrid (2004) and London (2005). The text examines whether terrorism still remains an indirect strategy in the globalisation era. The author analyses the effects of previous terrorist attacks in the assessment of terrorism by politicians, looking at the impact of this assessment on further developments in international relations, both on the regional and global level. The article studies the links between the imminence of a terrorist threat and individual Western countries' approaches to the Islamic world and immigrants coming from this world. The author focuses on global terrorism threat assessment at the theoretical level, introducing the main schools of thought and approaches.

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Jan Eichler



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