Islamic Charity in the Era of Globalisation

  • Jaroslav Bureš
Keywords: Islamic charity, Islamic NGOs, waqf, zakat, umma, sadaqa, mujahid, hadith, shari'a, sunna, shi'a


The text focuses on the description and evaluation of an Islamic social system in the framework of the so-called Islamic moral economy based on obligatory alms (zakat) and the waqf system. Attention is paid to the main institutions of the Islamic social order such as mosques, madrasas, foundations, waqf property and forms of financing. The main principles and differences in charitable activities in Sunni, Shi'a Islam, Christianity and Sufi orders are highlighted and analysed. The article defines and clarifies the main historic landmarks of Islamic charity while providing a survey of contemporary Islamic NGO. Common features of the Islamic NGOs and their sporadic links to Islamist movements and terrorists are also discussed. The article concludes with an identification of the main reasons for the relatively small impact of the measures taken after the September 11.

Author Biography

Jaroslav Bureš