Who's Armed Iraq?

  • Zdeněk Kříž
Keywords: Iraq, weapons, nuclear programme, main suppliers


Among the most important factors influencing the pre-war (not only Transatlantic) debate on Iraq were the close economic ties between Saddam Hussein's regime and those countries opposing military action against it. The most notable aspect of these links was the extensive arms trade. Analysis of Iraq's arms programmes reveals that the most resolute
opponents of military action against the Iraqi regime were those most extensively involved in arms deals with Iraq-supplying Iraq with both weapons and weapons technologies. The Iraqi nuclear program received significant assistance from French and German firms. German firms were also among those helping Iraq with their chemical weapons programmes. SCUD missiles-key carriers for weapons of mass destruction-were supplied by the USSR (later Russia), and their further refinement was mainly due to contributions by German experts. The main suppliers of conventional weapons to Iraq under Saddam Hussein were the USSR (later Russia), France, China, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Compared to this, the role played by the USA and United Kingdom in Iraq's arms programs (both for conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction) was insignificant.

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Zdeněk Kříž