Ambitions and Capabilities of the EU: An Analysis of the Military Peace Support Operations

  • Jan Závěšický
Keywords: European Union, peace support operations, European Security and Defence Policy, peace enforcement, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, military affairs


The presented article aims to analyse and compare military peace support operations conducted by the EU (PSO EU). These operations are treated as the benchmark test of the implementation capability of the European Security and Defence Policy project, a project which is limited by the member states' capacities and their political will. Also the relationship between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union must be analysed and the unsettled state of the European allies' capabilities, as well as the crucial role of NATO to ensure a common defence must be further looked into. Nevertheless, one should still keep in mind that no effective military action could be taken without disposable well-equipped, tailored and trained operational capabilities. Concerning the European Union and its member states, this finding has still not been sufficiently put into practise.

Author Biography

Jan Závěšický