Northeastern Sudan. A Forgotten Conflict in a Broader Perspective

  • Jan Záhořík
Keywords: Sudan, Beja, conflict, ethnicity, crisis, war, terrorism


The study deals with the so far mostly unaccented problem of the conflict in Northeastern Sudan. In contrast to the Darfur crisis, the conflict in NE Sudan is in progress without attracting any greater amount of international attention. In the text, I examine the development of the general marginalization of the inhabitants of the region in the context of the Sudanese politics since independence until the present time. The main issues of the study are the ethnicization and economization of the conflict and its international consequences. These consequences are still only latent, but the lack of conflict management might contribute to the spread of tensions abroad, as was the case with Darfur. I then argue that the passivity of the international society, as in the case of Darfur, makes certain that there is no chance for the NE Sudan conflict to be quickly resolved. As a conclusion, I suggest a solution to the crisis in the form of a broader engagement of regional organizations and states, especially IGAD (Inter-Governmental Agency for Development).

Author Biography

Jan Záhořík