Economic Sanctions at the Beginning of the Third Millennium

  • Radka Druláková
  • Zuzana Trávníčková
  • Štěpánka Zemanová
Keywords: International relations, international trade, economic sanctions, embargo, United Nations, European Union


The enforcement of obligations in international relations is not governed by a supranational authority; sanctions (economic, diplomatic, communication) represent one of the possible ways in which a state may put through its rights and interests. The group of economic sanctions is very wide, and it covers measures affecting trade or financial flows (e. g. boycotts, embargoes, prohibitions on investment, payments and capital movements, withdrawal of tariff preference).The text concerns multilateral sanctions regimes applied by the United Nations and the EuropeanUnion. The paper describes procedures leading to the authorization of sanctions and the circumstances under which the restrictive measures are usually applied. In both cases, the main development and widest use of sanctions occurred in the 1990s. Current economic measures are set with regard to the basic needs of common people, and they should only target the responsible elites (smart sanctions).

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