Forget Emulation, and Start Creating! The Future of Czech IR Research

  • Petr Drulák
Keywords: IR discipline, Czech IR discipline, research strategy, emulation, innovation, Czech political thought


The article argues for a new strategy for Czech IR research which would stimulate local scholars to produce innovative contributions to the international IR discipline. The strategy is supposed to go beyond the emulation of the Anglo-American IR, which currently prevails and which, despite occasional successes, failed in its goals. It aims at innovative contributions with a maximum utilisation of the Czech domestic conditions which embed the research. The strategy argues that the relations between Czech IR and the international discipline need to be sustained and even strengthened. At the same time, the Czech research should focus on the Czech political experience by examining the political phenomena by which this experience has been constituted and drawing on the traditions of Czech political thought.

Author Biography

Petr Drulák



Discussion Forum: The Future of Czech International Relations