Hybrid Actor: A New Phenomenon in the Field of Non-State Actors

  • Martin Janků
  • Petr Zelinka
Keywords: Hybrid actor, violent non-state actors, typology, conceptualization, cooperation, transnationalization, structure, goals


This paper argues that the contemporary state of the conceptualization of the non-state actor is no longer sufficient in the context of recent developments of non-state actors, and calls for a reconceptualization. We thus present the concept of the hybrid actor, that is, an actor which combines the features and activities of different traditional types of non-state actors. On the basis of the typological framework we can define it as the kind of actor which has both political and economic aims and at the same time a type of inner organization that is characterized by features of different kind of structures. The process of hybridization is, among other things, influenced by the possibility of transnationalization and cooperation with other actors. This kind of actor has specific characteristics to such an extent that it gives a reason for the creation of a new category of non-state actors. The process of the hybridization of the non-state actor, according to an analysis of contemporary salient trends, will rather grow in its volume, even more underscoring the importance of the reconceptualization.

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