Global Justice Movement: “Movement in Motion”

  • Jiří Navrátil
Keywords: Global justice, collective action, globalization, contentious politics, political protest


Clearly visible changes of forms, symbolism and patterns of transnational collective mobilization and political protest have taken place roughly over the course of the last decade. The aim of this article is to introduce an actor that represents these changes (and one of the key non-state collective actors of the present) – the Global Justice Movement (GJM) – through mapping the major related debates. Basically, two principal axes of both academic and political discourse on GJM are distinguished: first, there are the debates on the static or lasting attributes of the movement, and second, there are those on the dynamics and processional character of the movement. This text focuses on a dynamic approach to the study of collective action and strives to incorporate fundamental analytical and political arguments in their respective fields of study.

Author Biography

Jiří Navrátil