Strange Bedfellows: The Council of Europe and the European Roma and Travellers Forum

  • Andrea Baršová
Keywords: Roma, Gypsy, Sinti, Travellers, Council of Europe, international organisations


In 2004, the Council of Europe established, through an unprecedented method, the European Roma and Travellers Forum as a consultative assembly to represent Roma and similar groups on the pan-European level. The body has a unique hybrid nature. It has been established as a non-governmental organisation, but it still functions as a body of the Council of Europe, the intergovernmental organisation to which it is linked by contract and by which it is financed. The article discusses in detail these extraordinary developments. Taking as a starting point the multilevel governance approach, it uses distinct explanatory models – the ideational theory and republican liberalism at the international level and the transnational advocacy networks approach at the infranational level – to analyse these events.

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Andrea Baršová



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