The Regulation of the Process of Interest Assertion in the European Union: The Lobbyists’ Codes of Conduct

  • Markéta Pitrová
  • Radana Kubová
Keywords: Lobbying, Lobby Regulation, Code of Conduct, European Union, EU Institutions, Member States


The purpose of this case study is to explore the application of the code of conduct for lobbyists as one possible modern instrument of lobbying regulation. The reason why the code of conduct was selected out of the other regulatory means is the fact that codes represent the essential principle of lobby regulation in the European Parliament and the European Commission. Therefore the primary objective of this work is to evaluate the attitude of the EU member states towards this particular regulatory instrument. However, the research illustrates that the application of the code has not been extended in the member countries yet. The authorities decided to apply the code only in Lithuania and France. In addition to this, the possibility of introducing the code has been discussed in Ireland.

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Markéta Pitrová



Radana Kubová