The Transnational Dimension of Contemporary Czech Neo-Nazism

  • Miroslav Mareš
  • Petra Vejvodová
Keywords: Transnational politics, neo-Nazism, Czech Republic, National Resistance, Autonomous Nationalists


This paper describes and analyses the transnational dimension of the contemporary Czech neo-Nazism. Basic terms, ideological concepts of transnational neo-Nazi relations and the concepts and goals of European transnational cooperation are explained in the first part. The spread of various new organizations and campaigns (racial holy war, free nationalists, anti-Roma mass riots, etc.) in transnational dimension is analyzed. Then the organizational forms of the transnational relations are described. Last but not least, the real foreign contacts of important neo-Nazi organizations based in the Czech Republic (National Resistance, Autonomous Nationalists, the Workers’ Party) are dealt with in the next part. Most of the important foreign relations are identified (those with Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary). The impact of the transnational contacts on the Czech NS scene and the perspectives of future transnational cooperation between the Czech neo-Nazis and their foreign counterparts in the European context are assessed.

Author Biographies

Miroslav Mareš



Petra Vejvodová