Liberal Governance Builds Liberal Peace: The Defence and Police Sector Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Tomáš Dopita
Keywords: Liberal peacebuilding, problem-solving theory, critical theory, modern constructivism, Bosnia and Herzegovina, defense reform, police reform


This article aspires to overcome the barriers to a dialogue between the problem-solving and critical approaches to international peacebuilding. From the perspective of modern constructivism hypotheses are formulated concerning the influence of international peacebuilding on the development of sustainable democratic self-governance in the target countries. The hypotheses are tested on two cases of international initiatives in the post- Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina – the cases of the defense and the police sector reforms. The empirical analysis then validates the hypotheses, and the results are presented in charts. The main idea of the article is that adherence to the principles of liberal governance in the course of international peacebuilding is considerably vital for the build-up of liberal peace in the target country in itself.

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Tomáš Dopita



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