EU – a Caricature of an International Actor? How The Economist Imagines EU Actorness

  • Daniela Chalániová
Keywords: European Union, political caricature, actorness, discourse analysis, The Economist


Constructivist attempts to focus on analysis of the European identity, including the foreign policy dimension, rely almost exclusively on textual and verbal discourse. But discourse as such is not limited to textual and verbal acts; graphics and visuals, including political caricatures, constitute an integral component of discourse as well. The aim of this contribution is to analyse how  the  European  Union’s  identity  as  an  actor  of  international  relations  could  be  imagined  by studying a sample of political cartoons from The Economist. Based on the analysis, I conclude that although the European Union is not imagined as an antithesis to a standard international actor, The Economist still imagines it as a player that is not entirely equal to other players.

Author Biography

Daniela Chalániová