EU as an Inspiration for Latin America? Analysis of the Argentinean and Colombian Media

  • Martina Jeníčková
Keywords: attractiveness, integration, Latin America, European Union, media analysis, South American Community of Nations, UNASUR, Mercosur, Andean Community of Nations


The article proceeds from the concept of the actorness of the EU, especially from its attractivity dimension, and also from comparisons of the EU and the Latin-American integration blocs on both the political and the academic level. It examines whether the Latin American media consider the EU as a model for Latin American integration. On the basis of an analysis of various articles published in two newspapers, the Argentinean La Nación and the Colombian El Tiempo, two basic issues were examined: 1) whether these daily newspapers perceive the EU as a source of inspiration for their own countries’ integration, and 2) whether and how the discourse differs in the two countries and whether it is possible to deduce general conclusions from the similarities and/or differences  in  the  discourses.  In  conclusion,  we  deduce  that  some  inspiration  by  the  EU  in  the media perspective exists but that it is only limited to a few concrete areas.

Author Biography

Martina Jeníčková