Slovak Aid – Official Development Assistance as a Tool in Slovakia’s Identity Formation?

  • Ondrej Gažovič
Keywords: Development aid, development discourse, logic of appropriateness, logic of consequences, identity


The article deals with the interpretations of development aid that can be found in the Slovak official development discourse. From the theoretical point of view, I build on the social-constructivist approach to the study of international relations as well as on the conceptualization of the logic of appropriateness and the logic of consequences as put forward by March and Olsen (1989). In the first part of the article, I address the theoretical and methodological issues of the research. In the following parts, I analyze official documents of the Slovak ODA policy and my own interviews with its stakeholders with a focus on the different interpretations and logics of action behind the policy. In the concluding part, I summarize the main research findings.

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Ondrej Gažovič



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