Dormant Rights and Initiatives on the Agenda of the UN Human Rights Council

  • Štěpánka Zemanová
  • Zuzana Trávníčková
Keywords: human rights, international norms, cycle of international norms, UN, UN Human Rights Council


The issue of international human rights norms which have not yet been fully established within the existing international human rights standard belongs at present to the essential components of the UN Human Rights Council agenda. Based on a synthesis of legal and political notions of the process of emergence of human rights norms, the paper attempts to clearly define and classify these emerging norms, which are sometimes called “new” human rights. At the same time it focuses on individual emerging human rights that are included on the Council’s agenda, examines the stages they reached in the international norm cycle and briefly discusses the tools used by the UN Human Rights Council to achieve progress in this respect and turn the norms in statu nascendi into full international standards.

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Zuzana Trávníčková



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