The Security, Policy and Cultural Aspects of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

  • Jaroslav Bureš


In his essay the author attempts to describe and explain the present approach of the European Union to the problem of Islam and radical Islamic trends. He examines what is behind the Western negative stereotypes vis-a-vis Islam and to what extent this phenomenon can hamper the development of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. He explains the true significance of some of these terms and considers the compatibility of the values of Islamic and Western systems, especially in relation to human rights and democracy.
The essay includes an assessment of certain security policy aspects of the Barcelona Euro-Mediterranean Process. It considers the major principles and the course of the prepared Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Peace and Security Cooperation. The Charter is to become a way of creating a unified approach towards the problem of security and the gradual incorporation of the Mediterranean in a joint European Security and Defence Policy.
The author further turns his attention to various forms of political dialogue and its evaluation. He also explains the notion of indivisible security about which the opinions of various countries differ. The Arab security system is discussed and assessed in greater detail. The author further regards different forms of preventive diplomacy for the Mediterranean area in light of its likely effectiveness and functional nature. He also characterizes certain instruments for the better application of the content of the above mentioned Mediterranean Charter on a practical level (for example, an operations centre, a Euro-Mediterranean centre to forestall conflicts or institutions of political planning and analysis).
The essay does not lack a description and outline of the prospect of further security policy dialogues in the Euro-Mediterranean region which are taking place within the framework of the North Atlantic Alliance, the West European Union and the OSCE. The essay concludes with an analysis of the latest key document of the Barcelona Process under the title "A Common Strategy of the European Union on the Mediterranean Region" which was adopted at Santa Maria de Feira on 19. and 20. 6. 2000. Its objective was to accelerate and improve the quality of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership in all its aspects.

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Jaroslav Bureš



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