Nuclear Disarmament – The Crucial Problem of the 21st Century

  • Ladislav Středa
  • Miroslav Štangl


Over the past decade there have been positive shifts in the worldwide process of disarmament as well as in the sphere of weapons of mass destruction. Under the Accord on Banning the Development, Manufacture, Stockpiling and the Use of Chemical Weapons as well as their destruction, existing arsenals of chemical weapons are being liquidated. The verification protocol on the accord on banning the development, manufacture and stockpiling of bacteriological (biological) and toxic weapons and their destruction is being completed. Following the end of the Cold War there has also been a substantial reduction of the nuclear arms arsenal.
Notwithstanding the positive results achieved in the sphere of nuclear disarmament, it is evident that the question of nuclear disarmament will not be settled in the near future. There remain extensive nuclear arsenals in the major nuclear powers and there is a continued proliferation of nuclear weapons in southern Asia and in other regions.
The authors of this essay deal in great detail with the present state of nuclear armament and disarmament, with international agreements, with institutions and documents in this field as well as with the present state of nuclear armament in the world today and with the prospects of the development of nuclear armament in the near future.

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