Coming of Age? The Reform of the German Armed Forces

  • Kerry Longhurstová


Since the beginning of the 1990's the Bundeswehr has been transformed. From its Cold War incarnation as a large defensive armed force at the centre of Europe, a distinct shift has taken place in the role of the Bundeswehr towards regional crisis management in Europe. However, although German security policy has moved huge distances over the past decade, deficiencies have persisted in the organisation and ability of the Bundeswehr to meet fully its new tasks.
Recognising these problems and inconsistencies in what the Bundeswehr 'should' do and what it 'could' do, the Red-Green coalition established a number of committees to consider the future of the armed forces. The results of these deliberations has been a programme of reform, as set out by Defence Minister Scharping in 2000. The main aims of these refoms are to modernise the armed forces and to enhance their operational capacity within the context of future European crisis management contingencies.

Author Biography

Kerry Longhurstová