The Integration of Europe from the Point of View of Culture

  • Zuzana Lehmannová


The essay is a theoretical reflection of the question of cultural integration and the cultural factors which determine integration processes. In order to understand the essence of cultural integration processes, one needs to proceed from the principle of the unity of socio-cultural reality and a "system" concept of culture. It is on the basis of this starting point that the following are being monitored: 1) the development of individual spheres of European culture in light of a balanced integration and dynamic trends, 2) the development and transformations of the integration principle of European culture, and its value paradigmn individual phases of development.
The fundamental objective of the essay is to assess the question of whether it is possible to define European culture as a historical type of socio-cultural system of a supra-national type, or whether Europe is heading towards such a system. This theme embraces several concrete problems: Are there historical as well as topical prerequisites for the existence of such a system? Is the integration of Europe heading towards the creation of a structurally balanced cultural system? What influence can a surfaced cultural gap have on the cultural stability of Europe? To what extent has the all-European cultural system developed? Are there cultural integration trends in relations between individual European cultures directed towards the creation of a higher system? Is it possible to assume the existence of a cultural identity corresponding to this higher degree?
In the essay, European culture, as well as the possibilities and limits of its integration are assessed in a broader context of the globalisation process and cultural pluralism of the world today.

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Zuzana Lehmannová



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