Burma: On the Road to “Asian Democracy”

  • Miroslav Nožina
Keywords: Burma, Myanmar, Asian democracy, military junta, reforms, democratic opposition, ethnic movement


The main goals of the transformed military-political bloc in Burma are to create an “Asian democracy” in the country and to continue in its control of its economic and political life. For  this  purpose,  it  adopted  a  new  constitution,  organized  general  elections,  and  established  the current national and state parliaments and the new government. The main pillars of its actual power are the office of the president, the parliaments, the army and the pro-government Union Solidarity and Development Party. Meanwhile, the democratic opposition movement is weak and fragmented. Also  the  ethnic  minorities’ movement  is  unable  to  create  a  common  political  platform  on  the national level. In this situation, it is hard to expect radical changes in the political development in Burma. The domination of the transformed military-political bloc will thus continue.

Author Biography

Miroslav Nožina