Chinese “Gas Policy” towards Russia and Turkmenistan, 2001–2012

  • Hedvika Koďousková
Keywords: China, energy policy, natural gas, strategic approach, state-centric realism, Russia, Turkmenistan


The ambition of the paper is to analyze the major characteristics of the Chinese energy policy towards the most important producers of natural gas in China’s neighborhood. The analytical perspectives of a strategic approach to energy security and state-centric realism are used to work with case studies of Sino-Russian and Sino-Turkmen relations from the energy security perspective. The paper concludes that China’s energy policy towards the given producers in Russia and Turkmenistan comes significantly close to the selected analytical perspectives and that natural gas has become an important part of the strategic considerations of the Chinese political leadership. This conclusion, however, applies more to Turkmenistan and less to Russia, as in the case of the Sino-Russian relations, both parties fail to achieve a mutual complementarity, and economic thinking prevails over Beijing’s strategic interests.

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Hedvika Koďousková



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