Transformations of the Papacy’s Relation towards the Project of European Integration: from Pius XII to Benedict XVI

  • Petr Žák
Keywords: Holy See, European integration, Papacy, Vatican, Roman Catholic Church, federalism, intergovernmentalism


This  article  deals  with  the  European  integration  policy  of  the  Holy  See  from  the 1950s until the resignation of Benedict XVI at the beginning of 2013. The goal of the study is to describe the integration policies of individual popes in the context of political science theories. In the first half of the study we will briefly introduce the major typologies of political science for the study of integration policies of political parties. From the list of the existing approaches, we choose the typology of Petr Kaniok as the most appropriate for this study. In the second half of the study, individual popes are classified according to the framework of Kaniok’s typology. The goal of the study is not only to investigate the major moves in the integration policy of the Holy See, but also to utilize a theoretical approach traditionally used for the study of political parties on the issue of the Holy See.

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Petr Žák



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