Africa on the Move. Shifting Identities, Histories, Boundaries

  • Hana Horáková, Stephanie Rudwick, Martin Schmiedl eds.
2020 | Univerzita Hradec Králové 2020 (external site)
Edition: 1
Pages: 161
ISBN: 9783643911742

Africa is on the move. New geopolitical constellations have prompted individuals and groups to escape war, authoritarian regimes, environmental crises, and poverty. This has led to multiple migration patterns and complex mobilities of African people within and outside of Africa. This volume demonstrates that there is no unifying way to conceptualise the multiple nature of African mobilities. Some authors have conceptualised mobility on a metaphorical level while others provide analyses along spatial movement. This volume offers a vast portrayal of the diversity, innovation and richness of African mobile experiences through geographical, linguistic and socio-political domains. Providing nuanced and complex analyses offered by African Studies scholars of various disciplines, this book aims to contribute to new insights into African mobile experiences and to a repositioning of how Africa is represented globally.
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