Miroslav Mareš

Born in 1974, he is a graduate of the Political Science and Law programme at Masaryk University in Brno. He is a researcher of the International Institute of Political Science and a guarantor of the Security and Strategic Studies programme at the Department of Political Science of the Faculty of Social Studies at the same university. He works in the European Network of Experts on Terrorism (in 2015-2016 as the head of a subgroup on right-wing extremist, left-wing extremist and separatist violence called EENeT). He also participates in the European Radicalisation Awareness Network (in 2015-2016 as a member of the editorial board of RAN). From 2012 to the present he is the secretary of the research committee IPSA RC 44 "The Military Role in Democratization." He focuses on research of extremism and terrorism in Central Europe in his work.

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