Ondřej Slačálek

Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, ondrej.slacalek@ff.cuni.cz

Ondřej Slačálek (1982) is an assistant professor at the Department of Political Science, the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague. He has published articles on social movements, radical history, national identities and theories of international relations in, e.g., Patterns of Prejudice , Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics , Slavic Review , Czech Sociological Review and Dějiny – Teorie – Kritika . He is the co-author of several books (in Czech): Anarchism – Freedom Against Power (2006, with Václav Tomek), Dialogue of Theories (2009, with Pavel Barša et al.), Critique of Depoliticised Reason (2010, with Václav Bělohradský et al.), The Microphone Is Our Bomb (2018, with Jan Charvát and Bob Kuřík et al.) and Prophets of Postutopian Radicalism. Hakim Bey and Aleksander Dugin (2018, with Olga Pavlova and Adam Borzič). He was also an editor of the street paper Nový Prostor (2006–2007, 2008–2016) and he writes for A2larm and the Salon literary supplement of the daily Právo .

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