Tanel Kerikmäe

Tallinn Technical University, Estonia, tanel.kerikmae@taltech.ee


Dr. Tanel Kerikmäe is a full professor of law of Tallinn University of Technology, and contributes to the field of European law and policies. His research group received significant funding from the EU Commission, etc., and these funds were focused on legal reforms. Tanel has been a contributor to the publishers Springer, Ashgate, Kluwer, Oxford and Cambridge. He has been a leader of or served as an expert in several law- & tech-related research and development projects and has been invited as a visiting speaker to many universities, such as Lucerne University and Lausanne University (to speak on human rights and law & tech), Nagoya University (e-governance and rule of law), TokyoTech, Beijing University and Beihang University (artificial intelligence), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and Stellenbosch University, and contributed regularly as an expert to the Government Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Supreme Court of Estonia.

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